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Elastics to Correct the Bite

Depending on your bite (the way your top and bottom teeth meet together), you may be advised to wear rubber bands, also known as elastics.  These elastics may be used to correct certain malocclusions such as an underbite, overbite, or open bite.  Please read and carefully follow these dental instructions.

Proper Elastic Placement

The bag of elastics given to you at your appointment has a diagram that our team will draw on to show how the elastics should be worn on your braces. Wearing these elastics, as Dr. Mike has prescribed, will continue to further your success during your treatment towards a beautiful, new smile in a timely manner. So, make sure you remember which teeth they are to be placed on, and refer to the diagram on the bag for placement if you forget.

When to wear them:

Dr Mike may advise you to wear them 24/7

  • If you are instructed to wear your elastics 24/7, this means that the elastics should be worn all of the time, except when you eat, brush, floss, or when you wear a mouthguard. You should replace the elastics with new elastics after any of these activities. You will likely replace the rubber bands up to four to six times per day.  If you are running low on your supply of rubber bands, please call our office to come in to pick some up. We will have them ready for you at the front desk.

Dr Mike may advise you to wear them at night only

  • Please wear as instructed.


As with any orthodontic adjustment, your teeth may be tender or sore from wearing the elastics, but it’s very important to keep them on. If needed, take an over-the-counter pain reliever, following the instructions on the bottle. The discomfort will be gone in a few days, and you will be closer to a great result.