Bonded/Fixed Lingual Retainers

Congratulations! The active part of your orthodontic treatment is complete! We have just placed a special retainer(s) on your teeth called a “Bonded or Fixed Wire Retainer” to keep your teeth straight.


It’s Always Working 

This special retainer is always working since it is attached or bonded to your teeth. Since you can’t take it in or out, you can’t lose it or forget to wear it! At first, it feels a little bumpy behind your front teeth. Fortunately, it is small and out of sight and you will become more used to it over the next several days.


Take Special Care

It is important to know that special care must be performed to keep the bonded retainer working and looking great. Remember, you worked hard to get your teeth straight – so let’s work together to keep them that way. If you do so, a bonded retainer can last for many years:

  • Foods to Avoid:

Since they are bonded (glued) to your teeth like your braces were, special care during eating must be observed. Hard, crunchy, tough and chewy foods must be avoided or it can break.  If the retainer breaks, your teeth can shift very rapidly.

  • Floss Everyday:

You must spend extra time keeping your bonded retainer clean. That means daily flossing and thorough brushing around your retainer. Keep plaque and food debris from accumulating around the wire. Poor hygiene around the retainer will lead to gingivitis, cavities or even gum (periodontal) disease.

  • Keep An Eye On It:

Sometimes, only a single tooth may become detached from the wire, which may be hard to notice. As you floss/brush daily, look at the small pads of glue on your teeth and the wire to make sure everything is secure. It is your responsibility to report problems with your fixed retainer as soon as possible.


We Want To Help 

Should the retainer break or you feel a tooth or two shifting, call us immediately to have it looked at and/or repaired. Do not remove the retainer if some teeth become unbonded or unglued. If we can see you in a timely manner, we can simply rebond the necessary teeth. If the retainer breaks or is removed, there will be an additional charge.