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Dr. Michael Landzberg


Dr. Michael Landzberg stands at the forefront of the Implant Dentistry field. Having pursued his dentistry and specialty education at the esteemed University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry, he has dedicated 15 years to enhancing smiles across the Greater Toronto Area. Dr. Landzberg’s daily routine revolves around skillfully placing dental implants, a practice he has refined through years of unwavering commitment.

Dr. Landzberg’s belief in the power of ongoing education led him to complete certified courses encompassing diverse realms such as Permanent-Teeth-in-1-Day Dental Implants, Aesthetic and Full Mouth Dental Implant Rehabilitations, Complex Bone Grafting and Minimally Invasive Gum Grafting. His comprehensive proficiency, particularly in the realm of Dental Implants, notably All-on-4 | Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day Dental Implant Solutions, is a testament to his dedication to catalyzing transformation in the lives of his patients.

Beyond his own practice, Dr. Landzberg’s stature has grown to that of a clinical mentor, guiding fellow dentists in the nuances of aesthetic and implant dentistry, as well as gum and bone grafting. His commitment to providing exceptional care is a hallmark of his practice, drawing patients not only for his impeccable surgical finesse but also for his empathetic and personalized approach.

Dr. Landzberg is committed to ensuring standards of patient safety and satisfaction that are second to none. He also has a remarkable innate ability to swiftly establish rapport, making even first-time encounters brim with comfort and ease. His passion extends beyond dentistry, as he enjoys every moment spent with his wife and 3 children when he steps away from his practice. We are confident that Dr. Landzberg’s unique blend of expertise, compassion and personability will resonate with you and your patients. Your journey to meeting Dr. Landzberg holds the promise of an enriching and compassionate experience that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

Dr. Michael Landzberg treats YOU, not just your oral health problem. Rather than a “prescribed” solution, there is a unique plan and roadmap to loving your beautiful new smile.